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                0086 512 5016 2181



                TECKA organized the first drafting work meeting of "Integrated Chiller (Heat Pump) Unit Standard"


                The first drafting work conference for “The standard of integration chiller (heat pump) ” was held successfully in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province from June 10th to 11st, 2014. The work conference was led by National Technical Committee on Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Equipment of Standardization Administration of China and organized by TECKA Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.18 delegates from different research institutes and refrigeration equipment manufacturers attended the conference.  

                TECKA as the organizer of the conference, He Hui, the EVP of TECKA Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd ,concentrated an introduce to research background、present status、trends of Integration chiller (Heat pump) and the position of TECKA in certain market.

                Present He said, the integration production is an innovative product according to the market demands. It promotes the rapid development of market with its strengths of energy-efficient、convenient installation、excellent quality、electricity-saving、water saving、material -saving、space-saving and time saving. As the leading manufacturer in the integration product field, TECKA has the responsibility and obligation for healthy and normative development of market.

                After that, team members made a report on the formulating ideas and progress of JB/T “Integration chiller (Heat pump)”. In the report, it contains the background of the standard drafting, conception, assumption of work and so on. The delegates discussed series of issues come up with in the report and made the main contents of the standard clear.  

                TECKA applied for formulating the standard of “Integration chiller (Heat pump)” in 2012, and the standard was incorporated in the plan of revision by National Ministry of Industry and Informatization in 2013, and the project officially launched in July,2013. After a year of preparation、research and other work, the standard draft has been completed.

                By formulating the standard of “Integration chiller (Heat pump)”, the product range、product requirements、performance evaluation methods 、test methods and other relevant requirements can be specific. And the product function、performance and reliability can be ensured by formulating the standard. On the basis, it can effectively protect the interests of end-users and avoid the evil cycle of competition and promote the development of the industry.

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