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                0086 512 5016 2181



                TECKA participates in the National Standards Compilation Meeting of "Glossary of HVAC and Purification Equipment"


                On January 18, 2016, the National Standard for Product of HVAC and Purification Equipment, compiled by the China Academy of Building Research, was established and the first working meeting of GB / T 16803 was held. More than 20 experts and members of the compilation team from scientific research, design, production and universities attended the meeting. As a representative of HVAC equipment manufacturing enterprises, TECKA was invited to participate in this compilation meeting.

                This standard revision mainly involves the main contents of the terms of HVAC and air purification equipment. Among them, heating equipment does not include heat source equipment such as boilers and heating equipment used by vehicles; ventilation equipment does not include smoke elimination, detoxification equipment and general fans; air conditioning equipment does not include air conditioners with cold sources and vehicles and special uses Equipment; air purification equipment; the integrated mechatronic control device which are assembled by the above equipment.

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