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                Service Concept

                • TECKA always take product after-sales services as a long term basis and liftline, TECKA nationwide offices are equipped with thoroughbred after-sales service personnel, and formed a set of norms, scientific management operation procedure, being able to provide users with high quality, round-the-clock service.

                • TECKA service center has 24 hours service hotline, users have any needs in using,just a phone call can enjoy one-stop service. Each reginal service center is equipped with commonly used spare parts warehouse, which can provide users with the most timely and fast service. 

                • TECKA not only provides the testing service, but also can train the operating personnel, which includes Operating procedures, processes and equipment operating principle, emergency processing step, equipment maintenance, etc. TECKA believes that "to provide perfect service and grow with customer", and as a feedback for the support and love from our customers.